Four Appliances Most In Need Of A Protection Plan

Paying for your own appliance repairs is one of the most frustrating aspects of home ownership. In exchange for a monthly fee, an appliance protection plan will shield you from sudden payments and ensure that any problems with your appliances are immediately resolved. Although you can cover almost any appliance imaginable, the following five are especially important to put on any plan.

Central Air Conditioner

Common air conditioning problems, such as a faulty condenser coil, require a professional to diagnose and fix. Even if your unit doesn't break down completely, without proper upkeep it will run inefficiently and drive up your energy bill.

The company providing your appliance protection plan will know the best HVAC professionals in your area to call. They'll also make sure the mechanic fully inspects your system to prevent future trouble. When your AC unit breaks down in the middle of summer, you'll be grateful to have someone on your side.


When fridges break down, the result can be catastrophic. If you find yourself suffering from a water leak, you'll be forced to call in a repairman and pay a huge premium for emergency services.

This is exactly the kind of downside risk that appliance protection plans are most effective at mitigating, especially if your fridge is very old. Why pay for even a bad condenser or evaporator coil when you can pass the cost on to someone else?


Dishwashers can suffer from all sorts of problems, and because the interior is being constantly sprayed by hot water, any broken parts tend to degrade even faster than normal. Fundamental problems, such as a broken heating element, require specialized replacement parts tailored to your specific model.

An appliance protection plan will both pay for these issues and prevent you from worrying about ordering particular parts. Even minor maintenance, like replacing your dishwasher's water filtration system, will be covered.


There are many different types of ovens, and all of them can benefit from a protection plan. While a large wall oven can be difficult to remove when you need repairs done, a gas oven can easily stop working because of problems in your home's gas line.

Thankfully, appliance protection plans cover both all types of ovens and any and all repairs needed to fix them, even if the problem isn't with the appliance itself. With expert advice just a phone call away, you'll have no problem figuring out what's wrong with your oven.

Of course, it wouldn't hurt to get a protection plan for your other large appliances. Washers, dryers, televisions, and trash compactors are all excellent choices for coverage. Smaller appliances, such as microwaves and box fans, aren't pricey enough for a plan to be worth it. Use common sense when deciding what to cover on your plan.

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