Snowy Timber - Is Winter Tree Removal Safe?

Tree removal occurs year-round. There are a lot of good reasons to remove trees in the winter, but you should always be careful; there are some notable drawbacks, as well. Winter Tree Removal Drawbacks It's best to understand the drawbacks of winter tree removal before contemplating the benefits. If any of these factors are present, tree removal must wait until the weather changes to be completed. Consider the drawbacks of winter tree removal:

Hello Mouser, Goodbye Mice: How To Choose The Right Cat For The Job

One of the easiest ways to get mice out of your home is to get a good mouser cat. However, you can't just go out and get any cat; a mouser cat has certain personality traits that make it the right cat for the job. When you're looking for a mouser, you want to take the following into consideration: Go for a kitten 4 months or older that comes from a productive mouser momma.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration: What Is It And What Can It Do For My Home?

If you are in the market for the best home water filters and filtration systems, you are probably researching each type for features and specifications. One type of system in particular has become a household buzzword: reverse osmosis. If you want to know more, read on. What Is "Reverse Osmosis"? Though it sounds like an overly scientific and complicated process, the basic explanation is this: Water is not exactly filtered, but instead pushed at a high velocity through a semi-permeable filter.

Tips To Salvage Your Paper Money And Coins After A Fire

A fire can cause great damage to bills and coins. Maybe you had cashed your paycheck and had the bills in your purse. Or maybe you've been keeping a cash emergency fund stashed in a box at home. Whatever the case, here's what you need to know about recovering the value of your money: Paper currency If your bills are damaged but more than one half of each is obviously intact, you'll probably be able to exchange them at your local bank.

5 Steps To A Clutter-Free Garage

Did you know that there's actually a day dedicated to cleaning the garage? "National Clean Out Your Garage Day" was established back in 2008. It's now held annually on the first Saturday following Labor Day weekend, a time when most Americans are transitioning from balmy summer temperatures to the cooler autumn months. While this seasonal change can be the perfect time to finally get organized, any weekend has the potential for a garage clean-out project.