5 Steps To A Clutter-Free Garage

Did you know that there's actually a day dedicated to cleaning the garage? "National Clean Out Your Garage Day" was established back in 2008. It's now held annually on the first Saturday following Labor Day weekend, a time when most Americans are transitioning from balmy summer temperatures to the cooler autumn months.

While this seasonal change can be the perfect time to finally get organized, any weekend has the potential for a garage clean-out project. How safe is your garage space? Is it time to finally declutter? Here are five steps for making your garage safer for your family and more functional for your home storage needs:

1. Empty it out. The best way to start a home garage organizational project is by emptying out its contents so that you can start fresh. Choose a day when the weather will allow you to do so; the driveway or your front yard are perfect "staging areas." Once your garage is empty, thoroughly sweep, clean, and perhaps even repaint your garage interior. Paint the floor if it needs it, too; it doesn't take that long, and you'll feel as though you have a new garage space to work with.

2. Sort and streamline. Now, it's time to take action; what are you holding onto that's merely taking up space? Sort your stuff into five categories: keep, sell, donate/recycle, discard, or store off-site. Check into storage unit rates in your area and find the best deal on off-site storage.

3. Go vertical. When reassembling your sorted stuff, maximize clear floor space by storing things vertically whenever possible. Use stackable containers and make the most of wall space for hanging tools and garden implements as well.

4. Organize intelligently. Reassemble your garage in a way that makes sense to your life, with most-used items within easy reach, and less-used items up in the rafters or in your off-site storage unit.

5. Label it. Consider using adhesive labels on storage containers, shelving and wall pegboards so that your items are always put back in the same space. Get the whole family involved and instill the idea of keeping your garage clean, safe and organized from now on.

"National Clean Out Your Garage Day" may only come once a year, but any weekend has the potential to be an ideal time to get organized. Follow these five steps and enjoy a safer, more pleasant and more functional garage space or self storage space, like one at Magnum Self Storage, year-round.