Want To Beef Up Your Security? Make Your Doors More Secure

There are 2,000,000 homes that are broken into each year. This is a scary statistic, and you can keep this from happening to you and your family by making your home more secure. One way to get started is by reinforcing or purchasing a new door. Deadbolt You should ensure you have a secure deadbolt on your doors. A good deadbolt will have a steel bolt that extends far into the door jamb.

What Is Deadwood And How Should It Be Removed

Dead branches in the canopy of your landscape trees can be a major source of concern. While some deadwood is normal, it can also indicate cultural problems or disease issues that could eventually affect the rest of the tree. Understanding the reasons for removal and the proper way to do so is the key to preventing further issues. The Trouble With Deadwood There are four main reasons to remove deadwood as soon as you notice it:

Outdoor Lighting: Keeping Your Home Safe

Outdoor lights can be an attractive addition to your home and landscaping. Beautiful fixtures can continue your indoor design motif on the outside of your home, so if you have a vintage vibe going on in your living room, you can choose similar vintage outdoor fixtures to illuminate your yard. Outdoor fixtures are more than attractive, however. They can greatly enhance your home's safety. To protect your home and family, consider upgrading your outdoor lighting to something beautiful and practical.

Two Reasons Why You Should Install A Water Softener In Your Home

Hard water leaves many telltale signs in its wake.  Excessive minerals in your water show up in the form of white streaks on your clothing, dishware that doesn't sparkle after a good washing and even soap residue that you can't seem to rinse away from your skin and hair.  However, although these things can be frustrating, these grievances may not be major enough for you to feel moved to do something about it.

Biting Back At A Bed Bug Problem Until You Can Afford Pest Control

Bed bugs used to be something that you told your children not to let bite when they went to bed, but with at least one out of every five people having their own experiences with these pests, bed bugs are no longer a light-hearted, joking matter. You could definitely end up with your own bed bug infestation and even though professional pest control may be the only way to fully eradicate the problem, you may find yourself waiting a bit until you have the funds to afford treatment.