Outdoor Lighting: Keeping Your Home Safe

Outdoor lights can be an attractive addition to your home and landscaping. Beautiful fixtures can continue your indoor design motif on the outside of your home, so if you have a vintage vibe going on in your living room, you can choose similar vintage outdoor fixtures to illuminate your yard. Outdoor fixtures are more than attractive, however. They can greatly enhance your home's safety. To protect your home and family, consider upgrading your outdoor lighting to something beautiful and practical. 


In 2010, thieves broke into a house every 14.6 seconds. Of those break-ins, 443,717 occurred at night. That's why law enforcement officials recommend having outdoor lights with motion sensors installed on the most vulnerable areas of your house, including windows and doors. These units can throw a "spotlight" on criminals, letting them know that they are visible. In many instances, just lighting up the outdoors will deter thieves from choosing your home for a break-in since they always look for empty or abandoned houses.

A well-maintained outdoor space sends the message that you take pride in your home and are aware of your surroundings. As a result, thieves may pass you by to find a home that looks easier to invade. 


Having the proper outdoor lighting also prevents painful and debilitating accidents. Most home injuries are caused by common slips and falls, many of which take place outside. Some of these falls could be prevented if all homes had adequate outdoor lighting. The exterior of your home is full of hazards like uneven sidewalks, stairs, rough ground, and even swimming pools. Adequate lighting can prevent any visitors from tripping and injuring themselves. Of course, you want to protect your visitors, but you also want to protect yourself from claims on your homeowners policy. If you do not provide enough outdoor lighting, you might be held liable if a fall occurs. 

Outdoor lighting is a valuable addition to any home. Not only does is it an important design element; it helps keep your home safe from break-ins. The right lighting can also protect your guests and family members from injuring themselves during a fall. You will benefit by keeping everyone safe and by avoiding claims on your insurance. Attractive outdoor lighting enhances your home and property. Consult with a lighting professional to find out what type of fixtures will work best to protect you and your home from thieves and accidents.