Want To Beef Up Your Security? Make Your Doors More Secure

There are 2,000,000 homes that are broken into each year. This is a scary statistic, and you can keep this from happening to you and your family by making your home more secure. One way to get started is by reinforcing or purchasing a new door.


You should ensure you have a secure deadbolt on your doors. A good deadbolt will have a steel bolt that extends far into the door jamb. You may be picturing a door breaking when someone kicks it in, but this is not the case. Instead of the door breaking, it is the door frame that breaks, which is why a deadbolt is so important.

If you want to purchase a deadbolt on your own, the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has issued three different grades for dead bolts, which tells you how durable they are. You will see Grade 1 through 3, with Grade 1 being the strongest and the most secure.

When looking at deadbolts, you will see single-cylinder and double-cylinder. Single-cylinder is not as secure, because a thief could easily break the window, and reach in and unlock the deadbolt. A double-cylinder is more secure, because the thief would have to have a key to unlock it. This also means you have to have a key to unlock it, so keep one close by, such as in a drawer, so you can easily access it in case of a fire or other emergency.

Door Alarm

A door alarm will make your door even more secure. You can purchase one at most home improvement stores and install it yourself. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. A door alarm has a sensor that is placed on the door frame. You program the alarm so that when the door is opened, it will alert you. When purchasing door alarms, there are different types to choose from. One is placed on the surface of your door frame so it is visible to intruders. Another type is installed in the door frame so it is not visible.

How your door alarm works depends on the model you purchase. Some models are wired, while others are wireless that run on batteries.  A panel is installed on the wall so you can disarm and arm the system.

You should consider hiring a locksmith to install the deadbolt and door alarm for you to ensure they are both installed properly. The locksmith can also tell you about other ways you can make your home more secure. To learn more, contact a business like Bob's Lock & Key.