Biting Back At A Bed Bug Problem Until You Can Afford Pest Control

Bed bugs used to be something that you told your children not to let bite when they went to bed, but with at least one out of every five people having their own experiences with these pests, bed bugs are no longer a light-hearted, joking matter. You could definitely end up with your own bed bug infestation and even though professional pest control may be the only way to fully eradicate the problem, you may find yourself waiting a bit until you have the funds to afford treatment. If this is the situation you are in, there are a few things you can do to help keep the bed bug population from growing while you wait.  

Launder Bedding Daily 

Bed bugs cannot survive through the proper washing and drying cycle. In fact, they can only withstand temperatures up to a certain degree. Therefore, it is a good idea to wash and dry all of the bedding that you use in your home daily. If you do not want to wash the bedding and pillows every day, at least toss them in the dryer on a high-temperature setting for about 30 minutes, which should kill both bed bugs and their eggs. 

Vacuum Thoroughly Often

If your normal cleaning routine has you vacuuming only once a week or so, it is best of you amp this number up quite a bit. You should be vacuuming often, especially around your beds and furniture where the bed bugs like to hide the most, such as the sofa or other sleeping areas. Vacuuming will pick up small, just hatched bugs and eggs before they become an issue, as eggs can hatch about every ten days. Just make sure that after you vacuum, you either throw the bag out away from your home or empty the canister into the outside trash. 

Eliminate Clutter in Your Home

Bed bugs are sneaky little creatures and they love having access to good hiding places. Therefore, the more clutter you have in your home, the more they will love it. Laundry and clothing piles, stacks of books and magazines, and even a lot of decor on the walls can make it easier for bed bugs to thrive in the rooms of your house. So, while you are waiting for professional attention, work to clear your home of as much clutter as possible.

The sneaky nature of bed bugs, coming out to feed on you and your family while you sleep, can make them a little harder to keep contained. However, with diligence and knowledge you can help keep a population under control until the professional pest control company comes to your home for treatment.