No More Arachnophobia: How To Eliminate Spiders Naturally

Spiders have their rightful place – outside.  They also make great Halloween decorations.  However, they do not belong in your house.  How can you get rid of those creepy crawlers without filling your home with poisons?  Here are a few natural remedies to repel spiders. 


Spruce up your yard and repel pests at the same time; plant Eucalyptus trees around your home.  The stronger smelling species send spiders scattering away from your home.  These evergreen trees grow quickly, require little water, and provide shade for your yard.  Eucalyptus is also a repellent for mosquitoes.

Spider Spray

Make a spider spray with essential oil and water.  Mix the two ingredients in a spray bottle and spray anywhere spiders like to hide; corners, crevices, baseboards and house eaves are good places to start.  Spiders are especially repulsed by peppermint.  Some other oils that will work are citronella, lavender, cinnamon, rose, and rose oil.  The added benefit of using spider spray is a nice smelling home. 

Keep a Clean Home

Eliminating clutter leaves spiders with no place to hide or lay eggs.   Remove your trash often to keep bugs (spider food) out of your house.  Without a food source, spiders will not stay.   Vacuum up or sweep away spider webs regularly to eliminate any egg sacs.  When dusting, use citrus scented products because spiders do not like the smell. 

Spider Traps

Very similar to the sticky traps used to catch mice, spider traps attract and catch spiders and other insects.  Once the spiders are caught, simply remove the sticky tray and replace with a new one.   This option is best used in conjunction with other methods because they will only catch spiders that are in your home already.  They won't prevent new spiders from coming in. 


Salt is poisonous to spiders.  Make a spray similar to the spider spray mentioned above by adding salt and water to a spray bottle.  Spray the mixture directly on the spider to kill it.  Coat the web in it to kill any egg sacs that are present.  Once the solution has dried on the web, sweep it away or vacuum it up.  


If you are in the market for a new pet, cats are excellent at pest control.  They will keep away any larger spiders within their reach, but are not so good at catching the little ones or climbing up to the corners of your ceiling.

One great thing about all of these methods is that they are effective on many other insects.  However, if all else fails, there are many professional pest control companies that use environmentally friendly chemicals.  In case of a severe infestation ore recurring problem, it is always best to call a professional, such as Godfather's Exterminating Inc.