How To Prevent Basement Flooding

Spring brings plenty of beautiful flowers, but unfortunately, this also comes with a lot of rain. Homeowners may be wondering how to prevent their basements from flooding; this can be a costly experience that leaves lasting damage. Here are six ways to prevent basement floods.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

When your gutters don't work properly, water that was supposed to be diverted away from your home can pool near your walls instead. Use a broom to frequently push leaves and other debris out of your gutters. You can be sure that they're clear by watching how they behave when it rains; the water should flow clearly and evenly away from your home.  

Repair Wall Cracks

Cracks in your foundation allow water to slowly seep through the walls. Even if water doesn't get inside your home, it can get trapped in your walls and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Use caulk or plaster for a quick fix to insulate walls, or get the walls professionally repaired.

Get Your Basement Professionally Waterproofed

A basement waterproofing service can help you in a few ways. First, the company will be sure to take care of cracks and problems in the foundation. They can also seal the walls so that water is less able to penetrate them. The company can assess the factors that would lead to flooding on your property and help you correct them.

Keep Your Septic Tank Clear

Septic tank overflow is a major cause of flooding during the rainy season; rain collects in the tank and causes the tank to run over before you expect it. Be sure to empty your tank at the start of the rainy season and check on it frequently. Make sure that there are no leaves or debris in the pipes.  

Get Window Well Covers

Window well covers are a simple and elegant solution to water pouring in through your windows. Aside from using caulk to create a better seal between your window and the outdoors, you can place a plastic cover at ground-level to divert water away from your windows. Any hardware store should be able to sell you a window well cover and there's no installation necessary.

Each of these prevention tactics will take your home another step away from flooding. If you do begin to see signs of flooding, be sure to act quickly and call a professional to prevent the problem from becoming a disaster.