Top 6 Reasons To Install New Floors In Your Parents' Home

Are your parents getting older? Are you wondering what you can do to help them remain independent? Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a flooring service to install new tile or hardwood floors in their home:

  • Cooling: If your parents retired to a warmer climate, a tile floor can retain cold better. This means that they could end up saving significantly on their summer cooling bills, if a tile floor is installed. A tile floor can also help retain heat in the winter, especially if sub-floor heating has been installed. However, an area rug can also be put down in the most-used living areas if cold is a concern.
  • Sweeping: When it's time to clean up dirt, your parents will no longer have to wrestle with a bulky vacuum. Messes can instead be swept up with a broom or dust mop. 
  • Washing: Carpets can get visibly stained and retain dirt simply through daily use. In order to get a carpet completely clean, one has to either hire a professional or rent a cumbersome machine. But if the carpet is replaced with hardwood or tile, your parents can easily get their floors clean with a wet mop. 
  • Allergens: As people age, their immune system can become more sensitive to various allergens and irritants. A carpet will trap these allergens, potentially making an elderly person ill. Hard flooring is much easier to sanitize than carpeting, helping to make the entire household a much cleaner and healthier place.
  • Spills: If a liquid is spilled on a carpet, it can soak all the way down to the pad. Because of this, it requires immediate attention and usually specialized cleaning products in order to successfully clean up a spill. If a liquid is spilled on a hardwood floor, it can be easily mopped up and requires little more than a paper towel or mop.
  • Mobility: If the home is a split level house, with a step or two up or down between various rooms, removing carpeting can make it much easier to install a slight ramp on those steps. Should there arise a need to set up a hospital bed or patient lifts, these pieces of equipment will be much easier to move about on a smooth floor. Similarly, it may be easier to maneuver wheelchairs and walkers on a hard surface, rather than plush carpeting. Installing new flooring also means the ability to remove the thresholds or doorjambs between rooms, making it much easier for a wheelchair user to move around on their own.

For more information about your options, contact a local flooring company, like Andy's 5 Star Flooring Inc.