3 Natural Ways To Eliminate And Prevent Weeds From Growing In Your Gardens

If weeds are running rampant in your garden, learn some natural ways to eliminate them and prevent new ones from growing. After trying out any of the following methods, the crops that you have planted will have a better chance of growing strong and healthy and your garden will be attractive. 


Mulch can be placed over existing weeds and will smother them and prevent them from receiving sunlight that is necessary for growth. Any weed seeds that are on the ground will not be able to come in contact with the soil that is underneath the mulch, preventing additional weeds from growing. Mulch comes in a variety of colors and is made out of many popular materials such as cedar, pine, and straw.

Apply mulch around the base of each plant that is growing in your garden after the existing weeds are eliminated. Mulch helps soil retain moisture and is an attractive material that will add beauty to your property.


Wet newspaper placed over weeds will prevent sunlight and oxygen from reaching the ground. As an added bonus, the newspaper will decompose over time and add nutrients to the soil that will assist with helping the plants in the garden grow. Place sheets of newspaper in a bucket of water until they are saturated. Lay them flat over any visible weeds.

Add several layers of the newspaper sheets so that plenty of weight is placed over each weed. After the weeds decompose, add new layers of newspaper in the garden to continue preventing the growth of weeds. 


When table or rock salt is placed over weeds, it dehydrates each plant and prevents them from continuing to grow. New weeds are unable to grow in any area that salt is placed because the conditions of the soil will be unfavorable. Add a couple cupfuls of salt to a watering can and stir it until it has dissolved.  

Pour the mixture directly over the weeds, but be careful that it does not come in contact with any of the crops in the garden. Water each crop after the weeds have been treated. Continue adding saltwater to the weeds on a regular basis until they have died.

After all of the weeds have been eliminated from your garden, you can easily prevent new ones from growing by continuing to use any of the previous methods. These methods will also work well for any other areas in your yard that contain weeds that are interfering with the beauty of your property or the growth of plants, trees, or shrubs. 

For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Snyder's Weed Control.