3 Hard Water Signs You Can Spot In The Kitchen

If your home has hard water, you can remedy the issue by installing a water softener. Installing a water softener can help you prevent clogged pipes and other serious issues that can come from hard water, but you might not even realize that you are dealing with this problem. Luckily, you can simply look around your kitchen for clues that you might need a water softener. These are a few hard water signs that you can spot in your kitchen.

1. Clogged Appliances and Fixtures

Over time, your dishwasher is probably going to become clogged every now and then. If you notice that your sprayers are clogged with a white powder-like substance, however, it's probably coming from the hard mineral deposits in your water. You may also have the same issue with your sink's faucet, or you could notice a clog from the water dispenser on your refrigerator. All of these clogs can be caused by mineral deposits from hard water and are similar to the problems that can cause clogged pipes. Thoroughly cleaning everything to get rid of these deposits and installing a water softener should help immensely.

2. Streaky Dishes

If your dishes turn out streaky after they have been washed -- either by hand or in your dishwasher -- it could be because of hard water. Although it's not uncommon for dishes to turn out a little streaky every now and then, this should not be a constant problem. Check all of your glasses -- if they are streaky, seem to be covered in a film or otherwise look less than sparkly and clean, mineral deposits in your water could be to blame.

3. Issues When Hand Washing Dishes

There are a few problems that you might have when hand washing your dishes. For example, if you have trouble making sudsy water, even when you are using a good brand of dish soap and are using plenty of it, it could be because of hard water. This is because it's more difficult to lather up soap in hard water. You might also find that your hands are particularly dry after you finish washing the dishes.

As you can see, all you really have to do is look around your kitchen to determine if you have hard water. These are some of the main signs that you can look for, or you can consult a plumber to find out more about the hardness of the water in your home and the water softener options that you have so that you can do something about. If you are tired of dealing with hard water, contact a company such as Johnson Water Conditioning.