Learn How To Use Plumbing Supplies To Make A Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod

Window treatments can sometimes be very heavy. You need to use curtain rods that are strong enough to be able to support the heavy weight of the drapery. Extremely strong curtain rods can be very expensive, but you can make them yourself if you want to give your home an industrial look and save money on the curtain rods. The following guide walks you through the quick and easy process of creating a heavy-duty curtain rod to use in your home.

Take Measurements

The first thing you need to do is to take measurements of your windows. Use a tape measure to measure from one side of the window to the other. Add a few inches to the number that you get because the curtain rod will be two inches longer than the actual window frame to ensure that the curtains cover the entire window and frame when they are hung.

Purchase Your Materials

Go to the plumbing section in your local home improvement store. Purchase two metal floor flanges per window. Purchase two small elbow pipes that will screw onto the floor flanges per window, as well. Also, you need a long pipe that is the exact length you got when you measured your window and added the four inches to the measurement.

Create Your Curtain Rod

Screw one of the elbow pipes onto the end of the long pipe. Screw the other elbow pipe onto the other end of the long pipe and then make sure that the ends of the elbow pipes face the same direction so you can easily attach the curtain rod to the wall when you are done creating it. Screw one of the floor flanges on the end of one of the elbow pipes and then slip the curtain onto the rod. You want to be sure to place the curtain on the rod before adding the floor flanges because they will be too large to fit into the pocket of the curtain. Screw the second floor flange onto the other elbow pipe to finish creating the curtain rod.

Hang the Curtain Rod

Use your tape measure to measure two inches above the top of the window frame and make numerous marks to allow you to be sure that you hang the curtain rod level. Have someone hold the rod for you while you use a drill to attach the rod to the wall with screws placed in the small holes of the floor flange.

The curtain rod will stay in place until you unscrew the screws to take it down. It is best to steam clean the curtains while they are hanging so that you do not have to unscrew the screws unless absolutely necessary as it could damage the drywall and make it difficult to rehang the rod after you take it down.