Vegetables That Can Still Grow In The Winter

Just because winter is here doesn't mean that you can't still have a vegetable garden. There are some plants that can survive in the winter. Here are a few of those plants to keep you going through winter.


This extremely healthy plant is also extremely hardy. In most zones, it grows easily without protection, but it still might be a good idea to cover your spinach if you want tasty winter salads.


This plant can survive winter, but you want to make sure it gets plenty of sun, so plant it accordingly. Certain types of cauliflower can be planted in late summer and harvested by the end of December.


This tough plant has a way of protecting itself from low temperatures and can handle extremely cold winters. When it gets really cold, you can help carrots endure winter by using some type of protection on them such as mulch.

Baby Lettuce

If you gather lettuce before it matures, then you can have baby lettuce and enjoy a tasty winter salad. The best types that grow in winter are the same types of lettuce that are heat and drought resistant.


Onions are a great choice for winter planting. As long as you plant them where they can drain water sufficiently, such as a hillside, then you will be able to enjoy a nice harvest of onions by spring.


This tasty plant thrives in winter. In fact, winter frost can actually improve the taste of cabbage. Certain types of cabbage do struggle with hard freezes, but if you find cabbage types with extremely creased leaves, then those stand a better chance of survival if your area has harsh winters.


Broccoli is rich in vitamins as well as tasty, so you might be glad to know that it can survive winter. Most types need to be harvested before a harsh frost, although some can survive frosts and be harvested in spring.


Some types of turnips don't handle the cold very well, but others do. As long as you provide them cover, you should enjoy a nice harvest of turnips in winter.

So don't mourn winter's arrival if you enjoy vegetable gardening. As you can see, there is a wide variety of vegetables that can survive winter. They may need a bit more help from you then normal, but if you devote a little more time to your winter vegetable garden, then you can enjoy fresh harvests of veggies even in winter. Contact a company like Mulch Masters to get some great mulch to keep your veggies warm this winter.