Two Reasons To Rely On A Professional For Shoreline Landscaping Work

Being a homeowner naturally evokes somewhat of a do-it-yourself spirit into just about everyone. Although your home is your castle, this doesn't mean you should take on every project by yourself, even when it comes down to your shoreline landscaping design. Although this might seem like a small and easy job, there are a number of mistakes the average non-professional can make.

Avoid Slopping Errors

Before planning any shoreline design, it's important to establish the correct gradient, or slope, for the shoreline area to be landscaped. In terms of this type of project, the slope basically refers to the rate at which the landscaping design needs to elevate in relation to the water line. This critical planning component is important because it helps protect the landscape design from eroding or collapsing.

In order to determine the slope correctly, a study of the water, weather and ground movement history is important. Since it is such a technical and involved process, some non-professionals will skip this step, but doing so is only costlier in the long run because you will need to make more frequent repairs to the design.

Ensure Proper Fabric Use

In the world of landscaping fabric, particularly when it comes to shoreline work, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Second to the right slope, using the correct fabric plays a key role in the longevity of your efforts. You want to use filter fabric or needle-punch fabric, not traditional options like Typar or woven fabric. Filter and needle-punch fabric are resistant to abrasions and punctures from ridged objects washing up.

Since they are made from synthetic materials, they won't decompose from prolonged exposure to any of the fungi, mold or bacteria naturally found in water. Lastly, because they are designed with tiny holes on both sides, they reduce the occurrence of hydrostatic pressure, a problem that arises when water is unable to properly drain away from an area. Overtime, this pressure leads to shoreline erosion. A professional will help you avoid any problems by picking the right fabric the first time.

One of the most important factors to remember is that shoreline landscaping is not at all the same as traditional landscaping. Consequently, you can't use the same techniques between the two tasks. Although it might seem like an initial investment, it's much better to rely on a professional like those at JK Landscaping & Grading Inc to meet this need for a better looking design and for greater longevity.