Creative Ways To Integrate Natural Round Stones Into Your Landscape

Large round stones are often harvested from waterways, creeks, and streams where the flow of water gives surrounding rocks a rounded shape over time.. If you live in an area where round stones are naturally abundant, this will always be one thing you can get for a fairly affordable price at a landscape supply store. While most homeowners may only see these natural landscaping elements as something you would use to create a border around flower beds, these stones actually have a wide array of uses. Here are a few creative ways you can use natural round stones in your landscape.

Use rounded stones to line the bottom of a fire pit.

If you have plans to implement a fire pit in your landscape, rounded stones can be very helpful. By lining the bottom of the fire pit with a layer of round stones, you are creating the ideal platform for burning wood logs and sticks. The rounded shape of the stones allows for air to flow through the bottom of the fire, which will encourage it to burn more evenly. In order to create a fire pit platform with round stones, simply mark a circle in the dirt and arrange the stones together in one even layer. 

Create an interesting border on a concrete walkway.

Round stones can be used to line the edges of a concrete walkway, which will create a nice finish that looks more natural. You can add the stones to an existing concrete walkway by adding a layer of mortar along the sides to hold the stones in place. Or, you can have the rounded stones added during concrete walkway installation. This process will involve situating the stones at the very edge of the concrete material before it is dried. Once the material is cured, the stones are held in place.

Arrange the rounded stones to create textural interest with small retaining walls.

Rounded stones can be used to create retaining walls, even though doing so can take a little more time and patience. If you have a spot in your landscape that could use some dimension, such as around a tree or patch of greenery, you can create a low-profile retaining wall just by situating the rounded stones together in a line and using mortar to stack them together. Just creating a wall of stones that is three to four layers high can be enough to make an impressive difference in your landscape's overall design.

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