Inconspicuous Ways to Make Your Yard Safe and Private

While you don't want to turn your yard into Fort Knox, privacy and safety are concerns for you. It could be you don't want people to know what you're doing every single time you enter your yard. Likewise, it's simply sensible to secure your home. Create a welcome sense of protection without feeling completely secluded.

Ornamental Wrought-Iron Gate

Iron certainly is a sturdy material. While most wrought iron is no longer hand-forged, it's still a formidable fencing material. As the Landscaping Network points out, security-wise, iron is very difficult to climb, knock down or cut. Most wrought-iron gates are also fitted with a lock, so think about having stone or another strong material for the fence posts. Ornamental wrought iron is also highly attractive. Consider an ornamental wrought-iron gate for your walkway in either classic black or a creative powder-coated color.

Driveway Sliding Gate Opener

There's no sense in locking your gate if passersby can just access your driveway. One unobtrusive option is to have your gate mounted onto a sliding opener, such as a LiftMaster driveway sliding-gate opener. These operate a little like sliding doors in that the gate is affixed to wheels on a track. The opener slides the gate along the track, usually with a chain. It's possible to program the gate to either a manual device or a wireless transmitter. In fact, some models can be programmed to your smartphone. For the opener itself, it's possible to utilize standard AV power or solar power with battery backup. Some models utilize all three power sources. A sliding gate is a very safe method for securing your driveway.

Lattice and Privacy Fencing

Standard privacy fencing is the most discrete option for your yard short of an actual wall. However, you may not want to feel that closed off. In that case, consider a combination of privacy and lattice panels. Contractors can install lattice screens in one of two ways with privacy fencing. They either affix screens to the top of the fence or install lattice panels at regular intervals in the fencing. Either way, you open up the look of your yard without sacrificing a lot of privacy. You could even train climbing plants up the lattice for a soft effect and more seclusion.

Water Fountain

Once you've closed your yard off to the sights of passersby, shut out the sounds as well with a water fountain. Depending on how much background noise you want masked, you can choose a fountain with a calming trickle or more of a rush. Either way, the sounds of the water music will allow you to enjoy your private yard in peace.

Create a sense of security without total seclusion in your yard and driveway.