3 Tips to Consider When You Are Interested in Buying Eco-Friendly Restaurant Appliances

If you are opening a new restaurant or are considering updating the appliance in the dining establishment you already own, it is a good idea to consider using energy-efficient and eco-friendly units. In addition to the obvious financial savings resulting from reduced energy usage, you can typically expect to need fewer visits from maintenance in the coming years after buying new appliances. Therefore, the following information will be very helpful as you make decisions about the acquisition of appliances for your dining facility.

#1-Understand the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Appliances

One unfortunate mistake that is often made by owners or managers of restaurants is not considering the long-term benefits associated with purchasing new, energy-efficient appliances when the existing units are still functional. Specifically, the initial cost of replacing old units that require more energy to function with energy-efficient options can seem overwhelming. However, it is a good idea to evaluate how expensive it would be in the future to keep repairing or replacing the units you already have, as parts for older units will often become harder and more expensive to find when weighing the pros and cons of new, eco-friendly appliances. 

#2-Know What You Are Looking For

Although there is little information available about expected restaurant use and potential savings, the Environmental Protection Agency, which is also known as the EPA, has recently been quoted as saying that a home in the U.S. will often spend about $2000 a year on utility costs, nearly half of which is due to the appliances being used. That means that your energy costs at a restaurant are much higher, and therefore, there is the likelihood of higher savings in a commercial setting.

Simply by checking the energy-efficiency of each appliance and buying units that are as energy-efficient as possible, your restaurant can be more eco-friendly and in a better financial position as the result of your responsible purchasing decisions.

#3-Consider Solar Energy

Although it is easy to assume that your restaurant will use gas or electricity to cook, that no longer has to be true. Alternate energy sources have become more popular in recent years, and solar energy is by far the most popular. The New York Times reported in 2014 that every state in the United States was capable of producing more energy in a year than was actually required. Some states could produce more than 100 times their annual use.

If you are considering new appliances for your restaurant, solar panels on your roof can help you to collect energy from the sun on nice days to later use when it is wet or dark outside. Since restaurants in California are estimated to spend more than 3 billion dollars each year on energy costs for approximately one million appliances, it only makes sense that investing in solar panels and using the energy it produces in your restaurant whenever possible is a good idea for everyone.

In conclusion, when you are considering the cost of new appliances for your restaurant, it is important to remember that the initial cost of energy-efficient appliances can be offset by the reduced costs of usage in the years to come and the savings you will enjoy due to the expected lack of service calls and repairs associated with newer units. The information listed above should help you to make the right decision for the needs of your restaurant.