Beautiful Ideas for Landscaping Your Patio

You probably love your patio because it's such an easy space for enjoying the outdoors. Perhaps you gave a lot of thought to how you wanted it decorated. However, did you consider landscaping your patio? Patios are already a transitional space between outdoor and indoor living, and you can blur those lines even more with attractive patio landscaping.


Installing a trellis or pergola is a great way to add greenery and shade to your patio. Choose a spot near your lounging area. Evaluate where the sun is coming from when you'd most like to enjoy lounging. Place the trellis so that it casts shade over your lounge area. If you want a noontime nap, a pergola is probably more useful. Either way, plant climbing plants at the base of the structure. Ivy is an old standby, but morning glory and passion flowers add blooms. Jasmine and climbing roses also add scent.

Vertical Wall Planter

If space is a concern, a vertical wall planter is the way to go. Such planters can be as small as a picture frame, or they can take up a whole wall. You can even add a series of planter rows for a pleasing grouping.

The plants you put in your vertical wall planter depend both on the type of planter and the location. For example, if you're choosing one of the picture frame styles, you'll need plants that tolerate dry conditions. For instance, Huffington Post suggests pothos, lipstick plant, and various ferns. However, you can also choose a system with pockets for planting. In this case, choose plants that have the same light needs, depending on how much sun they'll be getting.

Container Water Garden

A classic for patio landscaping is the container garden. However, you can update this feature by adding water. For example, consider making a patio pond in a charming tub. Simply line the container with PVC, fill it with water, and add water plants and decor. Use a dechlorinator to help the health of your plants. You can also create a cluster of containers this way. Instead of a tub, choose a series of containers in different sizes. Prepare them the same way, and plant them with different aqua-lovers such as water lettuce, lotus, and water lily.


In a similar vein, consider planting a mini-scape in a decorative container such as a wheelbarrow or rain barrel. First, drill holes into the bottom and add drainage rocks. Next, fill the container with potting soil. From there, simply plant it with a variety of miniature plants. You can even add mini yard decor, such as an arbor or even a pathway.

Add a touch of plant life to your patio to make it an even more attractive outdoor space. For more tips, talk to a company like Shades Of Green.