3 Ways For Women To Deal With Urinary Incontinence

Having to constantly rush to the restroom due to the inability to hold in your urine can make you less productive each day. The bad thing about suffering from urinary incontinence is that it can become severe enough to cause you to urinate before even making it to the restroom. If you are a woman who is afraid of being put into such a position one day, speak to a urologist about things that can be done to prevent it from happening. Below, discover a few techniques that can be used for keeping your problem with frequent urinating under control.

1. You Can Undergo the Vaginal Sling Procedure

When you are unable to control your bladder, it becomes easy for urine to leak out when you least expect it to happen. If you don't want to deal with such embarrassment in a public place, speak to an urologist about undergoing the vaginal sling procedure. Basically, an urologist will place a sling around your urethra to prevent urine from leaking out. The urethra is the part of your body that sends urine out after it comes from the bladder. Vaginal slings are available in numerous different materials, so ask the specialist which option is the most ideal for your body.

2. You Can Learn How to Tighten Up Bladder Muscles

You can possibly prevent urine from leaking out without any type of medial work being done. There is a technique that can be used that involves tightening up your bladder muscles via pelvic floor exercises. The official term for the technique is known as Kegel exercises. To perform the exercises, you must pretend as though you are trying to hold your urine in by holding the bladder muscles in position for a few seconds before releasing them. You will increase the amount of time that you hold the muscles as time goes by, and eventually they will become tight enough to prevent urine from leaking out.

3. A Catheter Can Be Prescribed for Containing Urine

If you are already experiencing problems with urine leaking out in public and feel as though it is becoming worse, a catheter might resolve the problem. Although catheters are commonly used when surgical procedures are being performed, they ca, also be prescribed for home use. Basically, you will be able to attach a pouch to the catheter that can be hidden beneath your clothes. The pouch will catch urine if it happens to leak out, which can save you from embarrassment.

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