What To Know About Hurricane Shutters

Taking steps to protect your home from natural disasters is essential, especially if you live in areas prone to storms like hurricanes. Often debris and wind-driven rain enter your home through your windows. If your windows are damaged during a hurricane, you could be looking at extensive water and wind damage inside your home. While you can't prevent hurricanes, you can prepare for them, and hurricane shutters are a fantastic way to protect your home's windows. Here are three things that you should know about hurricane shutters.

There Are Attractive Options

If you are looking to install hurricane shutters, the number of attractive options out there may surprise you. Installing hurricane shutters doesn't have to mean sacrificing your home's curb appeal. Bahama and Colonial-style hurricane shutters are excellent options if you want to use shutters to enhance your home's appearance. Accordion and roll-down shutters are easy to put away when not in use, meaning that your curb appeal is not impacted when there are no storms in the forecast. 

The Cost Varies

Setting a budget for hurricane shutters is necessary if you live in an area where hurricanes can strike. The cost of your hurricane shutters will depend on the kind of shutters you select as well as how many windows and doors you plan to protect with shutters. On average, you can expect to pay between $1,941 and $5,613 to install hurricane shutters on your home. While the upfront cost of hurricane shutters may be high, you may see savings on your home insurance premiums after the installation. Shutters also protect your home from costly damage when a strong storm rolls through.

Maintenance Is Essential

When it comes to hurricane shutters, maintenance is essential. When searching for hurricane shutters for your home, make sure that the ones you choose are both easy to operate and easy to maintain. Not cleaning and maintaining your hurricane shutters can negatively impact their function. You also want to make sure that you can easily open and shut your shutters a few times a year. If any motors are broken or if there are cracks or other damage to your shutters, repairs are necessary as soon as possible. 

Hurricane shutters may be an excellent addition to your home since they protect it from wind and debris. There are a few things to know about these storm shutters. If curb appeal is a concern, there are many attractive options to choose from when it comes to hurricane shutters. The upfront costs will usually run a few thousand dollars, but for many, the protection is worth the cost. If you do install hurricane shutters, make sure you maintain them.