Foyer Focus: All You Need Is A Trip To The Home Improvement Store And A Weekend To Create A Fabulous Foyer

If you are looking for an easy weekend project, look no further than your foyer. Make it as lavish or as simple as you wish to best suit you and your family's needs. With a trip to the local home improvement store, you can create a refreshing foyer that is both welcoming and practical.

A place to hang outerwear

A fabulous foyer should not just look great, it should also provide the necessary elements to be useful. Create an area to hang coats to keep your foyer neat and tidy. This can be done by installing a row of hooks along one wall or by adding a stylish coat rack to a corner in your foyer if space permits.

Cubbies for storing essentials

Premade cubbies are a great option for your foyer and can be purchased ready to assemble in most home improvement stores. Install cubbies along a wall, and make sure you have a separate cubby for each family member. Even young children will enjoy keeping their school supplies organized if they have their own special cubby.

To keep essentials out of sight, consider purchasing baskets or fabric bins to place in each cubby. These bins are a great way to enhance the beauty of your foyer and reduce clutter. Choose a fabric color to match your home's theme to add aesthetic value to your foyer.

A place to sit

The main purpose of foyer seating is so family and guests have a place to sit when removing boots or shoes. However, benches also make great additions to enhance the eye appeal of your foyer. You can build a simple bench with minimal supplies from the home improvement store or purchase a premade bench for your foyer if desired.

Accents and décor

Add a small table or wall shelf to your foyer for displaying candles and a small vase of flowers. Ambient light is a must, and flameless candles are a great option. Purchase candles with an automatic timer function so you will always have warm light to welcome you home and brighten your foyer.

There is nothing like a fun weekend project to boost your mood, and the foyer is a great place to start. Not only is the foyer the first area guests enter when they visit your home, it is also the area of your house that welcomes you every day. In fact, a foyer that looks fabulous is like a great prelude to the rest of your home. Contact a home improvement store near you to learn more.