What You Should Know About Quartz Countertops

If you are on the market for kitchen countertops, there are numerous styles and materials to consider. Quartz countertops are one option that may stand out from the rest. Quartz is a beautiful material that also happens to be incredibly durable. While quartz is manufactured, it's just as appealing and tough as natural stone counters. You also have more variety to choose from when it comes to quartz. Here's what to know if you are interested in quartz kitchen countertops. 

There Are Many Design Options

Quartz countertops mainly consist of quartz, a natural stone, combined with resin and other materials. Since quartz countertops are manufactured, there are many options for design, color, thickness, and edge design. This variety makes it easier to find quartz counters that suit your kitchen. You can even find quartz that mimics other materials, like granite or marble. If you think quartz countertops may work for your kitchen, take the time to look at your options and consider what will work best for your space.

How Much They Cost

No matter what kind of kitchen countertops you desire, you need to consider your budget before committing. Quartz countertops are available at many price points, and there are likely a few affordable options for your kitchen. Before you select quartz counters, consider the cost of the quartz and the installation. On average, it costs $85 to $110 per square foot to install quartz counters. While quartz countertops can get pricey, they are on par with many natural stone options. Formulating a budget before selecting quartz countertops will prevent sticker shock while looking at your options.

They Are Easy To Maintain

If you are looking for low-maintenance kitchen countertops, quartz is an excellent option. Unlike natural stone, quartz is non-porous. Naturally porous stone, like marble, must be sealed to prevent stains and other damage. Quartz counters do not require this extra work. All you will need to do to keep your quartz countertops looking good is clean them with mild soap and water. Quartz counters can also last for decades before replacement is necessary. 

If you are thinking about quartz for your kitchen's counters, here's what to know. First, since quartz is a manufactured material, there are many options to consider. Second, quartz countertops vary in price, but knowing how much they typically cost to install can be helpful. Finally, quartz counters are incredibly easy to care for and will last for decades if you take care of them.