Three Material Options For Adirondack Chairs

If you've sat in an Adirondack chair while visiting a friend or even staying at a lodge, you might be keen on adding a few of these comfortable outdoor seats to your deck or patio. You'll want to visit a retailer that specializes in outdoor furniture, as doing so will give you a number of different products to assess. One thing that will quickly become clear when you browse the inventory is that Adirondack chairs are available in several different materials. Here are three popular materials for this type of outdoor furniture.


At virtually every outdoor furniture store that carries Adirondack chairs, you can expect to find a number of these chairs made of wood. They can be made of several different types of wood, as well as have different finishes. Some are painted, while others are stained so that you can enjoy the look of the wood grain as you sit. Wooden Adirondack chairs have a heavy, durable feel that will allow you to sit confidently even if you're of a heavier weight. A stained wood chair has a natural look that can work well if you're buying these chairs for an area such as your cottage.


Another material that you'll find when you browse a selection of Adirondack chairs is plastic. Some of these chairs use recycled plastic, which can be ideal for anyone who wants to make an environmentally friendly purchase. You can expect to see a selection of bright colors when you look at a display of plastic Adirondack chairs. If you want to add a splash of brightness to your outdoor seating area, opting for plastic can be a good choice. You'll also see some plastic chairs in various brown hues, which will help to give them a natural, wood-like look.


Although perhaps not as common as wood and plastic, aluminum is another material that is used to make Adirondack chairs. It offers a handful of benefits that can make it worth considering. For example, aluminum won't soften over time in wet conditions, nor will it start to break down as a result of long-term sun exposure. Aluminum Adirondack chairs tend to be lighter in weight than wood, which can be ideal if you envision moving them between two locations — for example, occasionally carrying them between your cottage's deck and dock. Learn more about Adirondack chairs in these and other materials by visiting an outdoor furniture store.