Why You May Need A Special Addition To Your Homw To Keep Your Family Safe

There are many dangers out there to local homeowners, from potential threats from earthquakes to wildfires and even local animals that can get quite aggressive. However, these threats are all easy to deal with because everyone thinks of them and can spot them a mile off, whereas there are some more insidious problems that you have to deal with that many people simply have no idea about. One of those issues is radon gas, and while it can be very dangerous, there are ways to properly manage it so your family is safe both now and into the future.

What Is Radon Gas?

While it might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, radon gas is a very real and very dangerous issue that affects thousands upon thousands of Americans each year. Deep beneath the surface of the earth, there are many deposits of uranium which, as it ages and changes states, emits certain gasses, one of them being radon. Radon gas has no smell, no taste, and no noticeable physical elements that one might see with their eyes, and considering it is quite harmful to the human body, this makes it very dangerous as it leaks through the surface of the earth and potentially into your home. 

How To Identify It

Luckily, although human bodies cannot identify radon per se, there are devices that can measure it in the air and determine whether or not you have a radon deposit emanating from beneath your home. Every new home should be tested for radon, because otherwise, you can go years without thinking about it, and by that time the radon could have made you seriously ill. There are a lot of radon testers in your area, so do not delay when you move into a new place or build a new home. 

What To Do About It

A radon mitigation systems installation is your best bet to still live safely in your house while not impacting too much on your day-to-day activities. It works by placing a fan beneath your home, which draws up all the gas and air into it, pulling it safely past your home through a tube where it is released above your house through an outlet. If the radon fan (or any element of the entire radon mitigation system) stops working, then an alarm is sounded so that you know to get it fixed before radon begins leaking back into your home again. 

To have your home tested and treated for Radon gas, contact a mitigation service in your area such as Radon Environmental Inc.