No More Arachnophobia: How To Eliminate Spiders Naturally

Spiders have their rightful place – outside.  They also make great Halloween decorations.  However, they do not belong in your house.  How can you get rid of those creepy crawlers without filling your home with poisons?  Here are a few natural remedies to repel spiders.  Eucalyptus Spruce up your yard and repel pests at the same time; plant Eucalyptus trees around your home.  The stronger smelling species send spiders scattering away from your home.

Got Storage? 3 Ways To Protect Your Locker

Private storage lockers have become increasingly popular in the U.S., with the number of families that use them having grown some 65 percent in the decade and a half leading up to 2013. Unfortunately, with no formal regulation governing the standards, the occurrence of theft in storage units is largely considered to be the nature of the beast.  That doesn't mean you need to wait until the private-storage industry has established new protocols before you lease a unit.

Four Appliances Most In Need Of A Protection Plan

Paying for your own appliance repairs is one of the most frustrating aspects of home ownership. In exchange for a monthly fee, an appliance protection plan will shield you from sudden payments and ensure that any problems with your appliances are immediately resolved. Although you can cover almost any appliance imaginable, the following five are especially important to put on any plan. Central Air Conditioner Common air conditioning problems, such as a faulty condenser coil, require a professional to diagnose and fix.